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The Art of Gavin Aung Than

Gavin Aung Than is now a cartoonist in Melbourne, Australia. Who after working for eight years in the corporate graphic design industry decided his job was unfulfilling and finally quit in 2011 to focus on drawing cartoons. At that same time Gavin launched Zen Pencils, a cartoon blog which adapts inspirational quotes into comic stories.

Gavin Aung Than’s Zen Pencils has been featured by The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, Slate, Mashable, Upworthy, Buzzfeed, Gawker, The A.V. Club, Brain Pickings, Comic Book Resources, National Geographic, ProBlogger and The Design Files.

I like Gavin’s idea of taking quotes which many people are already familair with, and reivisioning them in cartoon form. Gavin’s story inspires me due to the fact that I went through a similair experience in creating ArtBalanced. After college my job search became frustrating, when everywhere I interviewed they always said I did not have enough experience. I one day decided to quit the job search and create my own business.


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