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Why Colored Pencils Are My Favourite Medium to Work With

In the artistic field there are many mediums to choose from including graphite pencils, charcoal, crayons, and painting physical and digital to mention a few.They all have their own advantages and disadvantages, as does any medium I suppose. With all this taken into consideration, I find  colored pencils to be my favourite medium. This is true for many reasons, including the amount of detail which can be achieved with them, their transparent quality which enables the use of the  layering technique, and the actual process of coloring which to me is a form of relaxation.

First on the list , and most important (to me at least) is the amount of detail which can be achieved with them. After all they are pencils, and can be sharpened to an extremely fine point, hence the amount of detail which can be achieved using this medium.

Colored Pencils have a transparent quality similar to watercolor, because of this attribute it is possible to use a layering technique. This consists of adding many light layers of color to your drawing surface. This makes the final color much more intense than if you were to try to achieve the same resulting color in one heavy-handed layer.

The actual process of coloring with colored pencils is my form of relaxation. The repative circular motion used to color each layer relaxes me to a degree. If you relax too much you will end up losing track of what you are doing, and ruin your drawing.

With all that being said I am still learning about the many intricacies of colored pencils with each drawing I do. I hope you have the same experience with whatever medium you favor.


If you were wondering what brand of colored pencil I use, I use Prismacolor (affiliate link) which are not cheap by the way.


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