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The Art of Trent Kaniuga

Trent Kaniuga was,  “Raised in the lush mystical forests of Indiana, and inspired by indie comic books and RPG video games from the Super Nintendo era, Trent began to self publish the critically acclaimed, and somewhat loosely autobiographical indie comic book series “CreeD” at age 16. Known for pushing boundaries in stylization supported by strong storytelling, this early success propelled him into the entertainment industry, after a brief stint as a rave clothing designer. In 1999, Trent began creating concept art and world building for such titles as Diablo 3, League of Legends, Final Fight: Streetwise, and two World of Warcraft expansions. Trent continues to develop new universes through comic books, short stories, chalk drawings on the street corner, and indie video games while providing exceptional contract concept art services for various AAA developers worldwide.”

Here is a small sample of his work, see more at

Seeing this type of work makes me excited and feeling creative, especially the third drawing with the guy and his swords. I am partial to this kind of work, but I also enjoy Trent’s particular style of drawing and design.

What do you think of Trent’s art?


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