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What Is Considered Art? Part 2

Unaccepted  Forms of Art

The forms of art listed below were not found in any of the research I have done. Also through my own experiences I have found that these are either not widely known, or not as of yet accepted by the art community at large.

Comic Books

Different forms of writing such as prose and poetry are accepted art forms, and have been for hundreds of years. Comic books are a new form of art compared to those, and are (at least in my opinion) still looked down on by most people in the mainstream art community. Although in the last few years developments such as web comics, and the abundance of internet sites selling them comic books have become more accessiable causing their popularity to grow drastically.

They deserve to be accepted by the mainstream art community, because they are composed of two accepted forms of art, those being writing and drawing (illustration). You must be competent in both of  these forms of art  to successfully create a comic book, which is no easy task. Readers need to be able to understand the meaning behind your drawings, but you also have to include enough dialogue to progress the story forward without going overboad. In other words you have to find a balance between both attributes of drawing and writing. This is difficult because writing is more of a left brain activity while drawing focuses more on the right brain, but they both require the use of imagination.

3D Modeling

3D  modeling consists of programs such as Maya from Autodesk, Solidworks by Dassault Systèmes, and Blender by the Blender Foundation. It is identical to sculpting, wherein you must consider the dimensions of length, width, and height that form the object in 3D space. You must envision the subject in its entirety, but when drawing you only have to envision the perspective from which you are viewing the subject, The one difference is the medium being digital data, rather than the physical medium of clay.

This is where the debate starts, many do not believe digital data is a true medium because they think you simply have to know how to manipulate the data to get the results you want, with no talent needed. In truth if you do not understand the basic principles of composition, such as shape, negative space, lighting, and color theory your compisition will look lifeless no matter what medium is used to create it.

Video Games

One that many do not even consider when discussing art forms are video games. They are thought of as a mere form of entertainment, when in truth there is a lot of artwork done concerning video games, however most of it is done behind the scenes in the developmental stages.The only artwork you see on the finished product is on the packaging and the advertising materials.When developing a game all the characters and environments must first be conceptualized by a team of artists. This is accomplished by creating simple rough sketches , along with better quality finished pieces which are shown to the development team for approval before game development can proceed. It is not to say that video games could not be made without artists, but it would be a more arduous and time consuming path.

The different look and feel of each game can be considered a form of art in and of itself, some are photorealistic while others are more abstract, or cartoony like the different styles that exist in other forms of art. The game environment itself is also interactive, it would be similar to going to a gallery and being able to walk around inside a painting. In the end video games are original, interactive, works of art not just a mere form of entertainment.

Audience Participation

Here is an outline of the unaccepted forms of art mentioned above, so look it over and if you can think of any I might of missed, or disagree with any of the ones I included feel free to comment.

Unaccepted Forms of Art

  1. comic books
  2. 3D modeling
  3. videogames


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