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The Importance of Taking Breaks

When doing artwork or any other kind of work you should remember the importance of taking breaks. It is important to get your work done on schedule, but not at the cost of your physical and mental well-being. Here are three reasons that prove the importance of taking breaks.

Prevents Burnout

Getting your work done on time and doing quality work are good things to aim for, but not at the cost of your physical and mental well-being. Rest lets your mind, body, and soul recover so you do not burn yourself out like an overtaxed motor. This causes undue stress which can lead to the development of physical aliments, such as headaches, back aches, etc. When you are not in peak condition neither will your work be the best that it can be. Work as hard as you can to get your work done on time, but also take a break every now and again so your work stays in top quality, and so does your body for the foreseeable future.

Improves Work Quality

At one time or another we all have stayed up into the wee hours of the morning in order to  get our work done. As you grow fatigued your work quality goes down the toilet, and you start making stupid mistakes that you never make during the day. If you stop for the day and get a good nights sleep you will feel refreshed and ready to get back to work, while experiencing better quality of work, and fewer mistakes.

Idea Generation

As you make creative works of art you use up your reservoir of ideas, and you must take time off of work and experience life in order to refill it. Everything you experience in life adds material to your reservoir to pull from when coming up with your own original ideas. They may be your original ideas, but they are not formed in a vacuum. If all you do is work and live in your own little world how do you expect to come up with any ideas that are worth your time? The next time you are at work try working for a while then take a break by taking a walk, reading a book, watching TV, or anything else you enjoy doing. Try not to get carried away and let the break distract from your work. Relax just long enough to rejuvenate your mind so that the good ideas keep flowing.

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