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The 20 Most Motivating Songs

There is such a tremendous variety of music in existence, that even if you took your whole life you could not hear it all. Out of that selection I want to focus on and talk about the specific music which I find inspirational, and motivating. The following 20 songs are listed according to artist.

  1. Dragonforce
    1. Trail of Broken Hearts
    2. Valley of the Damned
  2. Apocalyptica
    1. Life Burns!
    2. Bittersweet
  3. Trans-Siberian Orchestra
    1. Beathoven’s  Last Night complete album
  4. Stratovarius
    1. Eaglehart
  5. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
    1. Our House
  6. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
    1. Misty Montains
  7. SonataArctica
    1. The Days of Grays complete album
  8. Mumford & Sons
    1. Babel
  9. Metallica
    1. The Day That Never Comes
  10. AxelRudi Pell
    1. Tales of the Crown
    2. Higher
  11. Buckethead
    1. Nottingham Lace
    2. The Redeem Team
  12. PeterFramptom
    1. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
  13. Pearl Jam
    1. Even Flow
  14. Cage the Elephant
    1. Ain’t No Rest For the Wicked
  15. The Heavy
    1. Short Change Hero
  16. Fairyland
    1. Across the Endless Sea Part ii
  17. Piano Sonata No. 14 In C-Sharp Minor, Op. 27:2, “Moonlight Sonata”: Adagio Sostenuto
  18. Carmina Burana: O Fortuna
  19. Adagio for Strings
  20. ?

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