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Digital Age: Part 2

How does using these services affect the creator?

The second question that this discussion brings to my mind is; How does using these services affect the creator? First and foremost you must consider the enormous amount of time and effort artists put into conceptualizing, refining, and polishing any of their creations. Put yourself in their shoes and think how you would feel if you put the same amount of effort into creating something, and having someone take it without first asking your permission, or giving you credit for it?

Secondly consider not only the money, but more importantly the exposure and recognition of their work that they will lose because of your actions. Exposure is a critical part of any artists career, because if nobody sees or knows about their work how will they receive the recognition they deserve for their work. Without this recognition no one will purchase their work, and they will be unable to support themselves financially. They will in turn be unable to continue providing you with their art be it painting, book, or film.

In conclusion I just implore you to think about these points before using whatever unsavory online service you may use.


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