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Digital Age: Part 1

What is the morality of using these services?

The first question that this discussion brings to my mind is; What is the morality of using these services? The simple answer is there is no morality in using said services. Some may argue that I am exaggerating by bringing up such philosophical ideas saying; “What does morality have to do with accessing online content?”. In my mind it has everything to do with it. If you take the time to consider what you are doing; taking something from someone without paying or asking permission; you realize it is akin to stealing from the creator. You must also consider that the end result you as the audience sees seems polished, and well thought out, but it started out very rough like a piece of unhewn lumber. After a tremendous amount of time and effort refining, and polishing their creation ( their child if you will) it looks like what you expect to see.

How would you feel if you put your heart and soul into creating something, and having someone take it without first asking your permission? I believe it is immoral to use these sites unless the creator gives you express permission to access their content free of charge.


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