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Digital Age: Introduction

In todays technologically oriented world it is easy to watch television shows, movies, read comic books, novels, listen to music, and even view artwork all online. This can be accomplished using services such as Netflix, Amazon, Spotify or DeviantArt, which all make the process quick and painless. The only downside to this convenience being that you have to pay to enjoy these luxuries, as is true for most things in life. Albeit you can find a variety of free alternatives to these services, many of which are reputable companies offering comparable if not identical services, and there is nothing wrong with such sites. There are just as many places that offer the same services, the only exception being that they are outside of the purview given the audience by the creators.

Those are the sites I want to focus on, being a creative person myself they interest and worry me at the same time, because they also affect my lively hood. That being said this discussion brings to my mind a few questions that most people do not think to ask when using these services. Questions such as: What is the morality of using these services? How does using these services affect the creator? What is the legality of using such services? How does using these services affect the industry in question? So take some time and think about your answers to these questions before I post the second part of the article next week.


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