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Copyright and the Alternatives: Introduction

All artists, at one time or another, worry about others stealing their creative works. To defend against this concern many decide to add watermarks or other such markings to their images on their websites and advertising materials, which in turn ruins the viewing experience for the audience In the end these precautions are unnecessary because somebody copying a picture from you website is not as detrimental as you might initially believe. For one, taking the time to copy a picture means they like your work, and you never know who they might show it to. This could bring another paying customer to your site, or lead to a bigger opportunity than you could imagine. If that does not comfort your worried mind, there are far better options than watermarks for those wanting to protect their creative works including Copyright, Creative Commons, and The Free Art License. All three of which afford different levels of protection and restriction.

I will be covering all these topics over the next three postings, starting next week on Tuesday with Copyright, then Creative Commons, and on the final posting the Free Art License. So make sure to check back soon.


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