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5 Interesting Technologies That Have Changed How I Sell Art

Today I am going to discuss five technologies that have changed how I sell my art. So fasten your seat belts, and here we go!

1. Internet

This is the most important item on the list, because without it WordPress, WooCommerce, and Blogging would be nonexistant. The online environment gives me ( or you for that matter) the ability to sell digital goods such as art, or music directly to the customer online. It also facilitates the sale of physical goods and services quickly and easily without any human interaction throughout the world.

2. WordPress

This is closely related to item #1 Internet., which offers free services to new and experienced bloggers, and which is the paid version. I am currently hosting my site on, which is the service that makes a reality. Without it the only choice I would have to sell my artwork would be in a gallery setting ,which can be quite a daunting task not to mention expensive.

3. WooCommerce

This is simply a WordPress plugin that allows for  online sales, art in my case. It gives you the ability to set up an online shop on your current website, and everything that goes with it such as the cart and checkout pages, payment services, and item listings. For more information visit

4. Digital Camera

I use a Nikon digital camera to take photos of some of my artwork the rest I take to a professional, but thats for another article. I then use the photographs for my online art listings displayed in the ArtBalanced shop.

5. Blogging

I started my blog on, which offers free services to new and experienced bloggers, but after a while I realized it did not give me enough control over my site management. I then upgraded to the paid version at where I am currently  posting this article.  Blogging gives me the opportunity to connect more personally with my readers/customers then a regular commerce site ( for example) would allow. It also affords me the opportunity to give background information on the art pieces to my customers, so they are better informed before they make a purchase.

Audience Participation

Have you encountered any interesting technologies that have changed the way you sell your art, or whatever it is you sell?

If so please comment below!

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