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The Interesting Artists Shown On Charlie Parker’s Blog, Lines and Colors

On his blog, Lines and Colors, Mr. Parker does not display his art , no instead he shows the art of other interesting artists, some widely known, others not so well. I find it exciting to discover the work of other artists, because it gives me new inspiration, or even a new perspective on old ideas. It is also a good creative exercise to explore the work of new artists and  expand your horizons in the process. So head on over to Lines and Colors and take a look for yourself.


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Feng Zhu’s Fascinating Art

Feng Zhu established Feng Zhu Design Inc. in 1999 in the years since he has worked with companies such as Mocrosoft, Electronic Arts, Sony, Activision, Lucasfilms, and so on. In 2009 he founded FZD School of Design, which is located in Singapore, for students wishing to get into the entertainment design industry.

Here is a sample of his work, which as you can see consists of a wide variety of subjects. It appears that most of his work is in the sci-fi and fantasy genres. You can see more of his work at, you can view the work of his students at Enjoy!